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Bonus post: Shots with dirty names

Hi guys,

I would quite like to work in a bar one day making exciting cocktails and shots, but it seems the only bartenders who get to make exciting cocktails regularly work in gay bars and there are not many of those in New Zealand. Unfortunately in most bars and pubs, people just want beer, which doesn’t give bartenders a chance to use their awesome skills they trained for in bar school.

I haven’t been to bar school but I have a fairly huge alcohol collection and enjoy experimenting making different drinks and layered shots (they’re more impressive than regular shots), it’s a pretty cool party trick (not that I go to many parties).

Every now and again I’m going to post some drink recipes for you to enjoy and impress your friends with at parties too.

Enough of the preamble, on with the booze!

The first shot I’m going to show you today is called a “Slippery Nipple” (told you these shots would have dirty names!) During the Rugby World Cup, a friend of mine went to a bar and told them the Springboks rugby team had a shot they drank before each game for good luck and asked what sort of shot the All Blacks would drink. The bartender said it would be the Slippery Nipple because it is black and (off)white so instead of a Slippery Nipple, this layered shot can also be called an All Blacks shot.


Baileys Irish Cream
Black Sambuca
A shot glass
A teaspoon



Fill a quarter of a shot glass with Black Sambuca, a liquor that tastes like liquorice (don’t let that put you off though!)

Hold a teaspoon in the glass, as shown above. Pour the Baileys slowly down the spoon.

The final result should look like this.

Layering does take some practise so don’t give up if it doesn’t layer perfectly the first time, although this is one of the easier shots as it is only two layers.

I don’t always have the steadiest of hands so layering is hard for me, especially after drinking more and more shots but practise always makes perfect.

Another thing that helps with layering is if you have a special pourer for your liquor bottles, which makes the flow of alcohol slower and more direct.


The final layered shot for today is called a Quick Fuck. Although, if you don’t want to ask for a Quick Fuck in bars (it may lead to getting slapped or an unexpected night spent with the bartender), it is also called by it’s initials “Q F”.


Kahlua (A coffee liqueur)
Midori (A melon liqueur)
Baileys Irish Cream
A teaspoon
A shot glass

Note: The cheap versions of liqueurs can be used, for example, instead of Midori, the cheaper Everglade version can be used, as I have done but I believe you get what you pay for, I’m just cheap. 


Pour a quarter of a shot glass of Kahlua.

Using the teaspoon in the same way as the Slippery Nipple, slowly pour Midori into the second quarter of the glass (measurements are approximate but try as much as possible to make each layer equal in size, it’s not always easy though).

As you can see from the above photo, my layering isn’t always perfect but as long as there is SOME proof of layers, the shot is a success!

The final step is to use the teaspoon again to pour Baileys slowly on top of the Midori.


The secret to layering is, as well as pouring slowly, to make sure you have the liquors in the right order. Some liqueurs are heavier than others, for example, Baileys is very light so if you put it in before the Sambuca in the Slippery Nipple, it will float to the top anyway but will mix slightly, giving a less than satisfactory aesthetic.


I hope you’ve learnt something today,